15 May, 2008

Elements of Style

* Try something that's "not you" once in a while.
* Adapt trends so that they work for you--and adapt is the key word
here. A plaid minikilt isn't for everyone, for example. But if you love
the look, try a longer plaid skirt.
* Hold on to a few of your favorite outdated pieces. You never know!
* Add a couple of stylish, inexpensive things to your wardrobe each season.

* Force yourself to wear something for somebody else.
* Dress like a teenager.
* Mix two seasons in one outfit.
* Wear really casual shorts or beach sandals on dress-down Fridays.


Wear black with navy. Trust us! Both of them also go with...
* cream * white * beige * brown
...and the combinations are timelessly elegant.

Don't wear too many colors at once.

If you find an inexpensive, basic item that fits well, buy it in several colors.

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